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Armenian furniture

Imagine for a moment your life in space, but without furniture. Then imagine that the world around you is complete with beautiful, stylish, and functional furniture. You hardly want to exchange chaos-like clutter for stable comfort.
KAMOD offers to make the process of choosing and then buying furniture pleasant and easy. We offer a range of locally produced high-quality furniture for homes and businesses, striving to satisfy any customer's preference.

We offer both ready-made and complete furniture, as well as custom-made furniture. Our specialists will help you decide on the choice of design and colors, they also take care of organizing the entire process of its full installation.

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Leave the choosing of furniture to the specialists, trust KAMOD.

In recent years, Armenian products have come to prove that furniture can be of high quality, stylish, durable and affordable. The selection of furniture, from its design to final installation, will be handled by our professional team of KAMOD. Genius is in simplicity. Go the simple way - trust KAMOD. We are convenient, we are reliable, and our products are of high quality.


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